The owners of WINCO have now retired from the importation of model railway items.
The goods shown in the "Items in Stock" section are still available for sale as well as those which are still showing in the BEMO link.
We can now only be contacted either by Email or Post.
When contacting us please give a make and code number of the items you are interested in purchasing together with your contact telephone number. We will then get back to you as soon as we can and discuss payment options with you.
  Postal Address:                                                                    
149 Alresford Road
SO23 0JZ

Click on manufacturer Below for Pictures of Items that should still be in stock

A.C.M.E.  HO *   ClassiX   HO *   HAG  HO *   Kibri   N *   L.S.Models HO *   RailAd  HO *   Sommerfeldt
ARNOLD  N *       HALLING HOe *   Kibri  HO *   Mabar   N *   REE   HO *   Schneider HO *
    creanorm   N *   HELJAN   HO *       MEHANO  HO *   Rietze HO *   StarTrain N *
BEMO  HOe *   D+R   HOm *   * HERIS   HO  *   KOMBIMODELL HO*   MINITRIX   N *   Rietze  O *   SudExpress HO *
BEMO  HOm *       HObbex  HO           Rivarossi HO *    
BEMO  Om *       HobbyTrain N *           Rocky-Rail N *    
BEMO  HO *               Os.Kar  HO *   RockyRail HO*    
    FALLER  HO *       Lemke N *       Roco  HO *   Viessmann HO *
BRAWA   N *   Ferro-Train  HOe *       L.E.Models HO   PIKO   N *   Roco HOe *   ViTrains HO *
BRAWA   HO *   Ferro-Train HOn3 *   JÄGERNDORFER HO*   LGB   IIm *   PIKO HO *       VK-Modelle HO *
BRAWA   O  *   Fleischmann N *       Liliput   N   *   PiRATA N *       Vollmer HO *
BUSCH  HO *           Liliput HOe *           Vollmer  N  *
BUSCH   HOf *       Kato N *   Liliput  HO  *   Preiser HO *       Wiking N *
BRAWA HO Accesssories *   Kato RhB N   Lima Expert HO *            


The * indicates manufacturer lists that now show our remaining stock with pictures.

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